Ossuary Projects
Handmade/ Homemade Series

Pieces in the Handmade/Homemade Series consist of porcelain parts that mimic the shape of bones found in index and thumb fingers. This series explores the connection of household and collected objects to memory and identity. The handmade and the homemade are both created with love, careful calculations, preparation, patience, and time.

Sources link the craft of crochet to nuns and call it “nun’s work,” which migrated to the everyday domestic. While conducting on-site research in the Vatican and in ossuaries in Rome and Prague, I realized a visual connection between decorative motifs in cathedrals, ossuaries, and common crochet patterns. Discovering this link became a source of visual clout to describe the domestic arena as a sacred space, mortality as a vehicle to celebrate life, and explore the enduring quality of the handmade.

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