Ossuary Projects
October Series

As a pet owner of cats, dogs, and horses, I daily contemplate their instincts, behaviors, and feelings. This produces a distinct awareness of my responsibilities to my pets as their caretaker. I am also fascinated by an animal’s ability to adjust and communicate with humans, as well as add to the joy and commotion of every-day domestic life. Conceptually, this thought process led me to look beyond my personal household to larger cultural events that link humans to animals.

October, November, and December are months when hunting season is at its full peak in many states. It is a yearly occurrence that, for some, is a way of life, a household event, means of survival. A ritual is an event or action that is connected to cultural or religious customs. In October Series, I am approaching hunting season as a sacred domestic contemporary ritual. Hunters are tapping into their predatory instincts. This innate behavior, as well as other instincts found in both humans and animals, becomes a connective essence. This piece was created to provoke an awareness of the sacred relationship between humans, animals, and survival.

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