“Objects hang before the eyes of the imagination, continuously re-presenting ourselves to ourselves, and telling the stories of our lives in ways which would be impossible otherwise.” – Moira Vincentelli

The things we collect and that surround us reveal our narratives and silently map our personalities. What we leave behind becomes the physical memory of our existence. Objects contain ghosts of memories and have the power to disclose forgotten secrets. 

I am influenced by the silence and expanse of cathedrals, the familiarity of domestic spaces, and the magical reality of dreams. I hope to conjure memories and transform awareness. Recently, I hand build porcelain objects to open new chapters of exploration.

My current work focuses on the imagery of bones and flowers in order to reflect life. I am interested in the human condition, how an individual relates to their surroundings, and how identity is formed and reformed. Making art is a continuous search for meaning.